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Capsule endoscopy

Entirely painless and non-invasive intestinal tract diagnostics.

Examining the gastrointestinal tract with a capsule is entirely painless and non-invasive. It allows to safely and quickly diagnose difficult cases of small and large intestine diseases.

The capsule is swallowed by the patient and as it travels down the digestive tract, the device takes a series of pictures using build-in cameras. After the examination, the pictures are transmitted from the recorder to a computer, where a doctor analyses them. The capsule is then excreted naturally.

Indications for small intestine examinations:

  • chronic gastrointestinal bleeding of unknown origin (when gastroscopy and colonoscopy did not reveal the cause)
  • chronic iron deficiency anaemia (when suspecting bowel pathology)
  • confirming Crohn disease
  • familiar adenomatous polyposis, small intestine tumours
  • iatrogenic intestine damage, e.g. after radiotherapy or harmful drugs
  • diagnosing coeliac disease and follow-up of patients with coeliac (due to increased risk of lymphoma or cancer)

Indications for colon examinations:

  • Patients not fit for traditional colonoscopy due to coexisting cardiologic or neurologic conditions
  • Screening in patients without any symptoms
  • Patients taking anticoagulants, as no tissue samples can be gathered